He’s Gone

​He’s gone, for now let me mourn. Be my support, Don’t leave me alone. For once let it be about me and not you Help me gather myself up Hug me lots and not few Do not give me space even if I say so Don’t go to the other room Even if I say go Don’t fight about small things  Let it be please I am a new orphan, I don’t know how to be Without him, I am not as strong as he You get cranky about pillows and food I am not at the right place to … Continue reading He’s Gone


It is been so many days since I last posted. Not that I get too many likes and comments, but I miss writing. Been very busy lately with kid#3 growing into a naughty toddler.. So hie? For now. Been doing LCHF diet for a week now and have lost 3.5kgs already!! If anyone wants me to make a blog about how to lose 3.5kgs in a week, do let me know.. Will write something good soon.. Until next time πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹ Continue reading Hie?